Portable Storage

Residential Storage Units

Easy, Flexible Solution to Storage Needs

Portable Residential Storage Units are a popular convenient solution to your pressing storage needs.  And moving has never been any easier.

Whether moving from Westside to the Beaches, or helping a child move into their own place, requesting a portable unit will make your move easier, cheaper and less stressful than renting a truck.  Portable Storage Units are delivered on site whenever you’re ready to start packing.  And they stay with you until you’re ready to move.  No pressure.  No deadlines. And no big trucks to drive.  We’ll come, pick up your unit and drop it off at your new home. Easy, affordable and smart.

Climate Controlled Storage Facility

Need to store things for longer?  Pack your unit at your own leisure and then let us move that unit to our local secure warehousing facility until you’re ready to access your things again.  Our monthly storage rates are competitive with any storage facility, without the hassle of transporting your items to storage by yourself.

The storage facilities are climate controlled and have 24 hours security and surveillance, ensuring your items are preserved without damage or loss.  To unload your items, simply give us a call and the unit will be delivered to the location of your choice where you can empty it at your own speed.  We’ll come pick up the empty unit when you are done.

Save, Quick Access

Do you need to access your unit before you’re ready to unload it?  No problem!  Simply call our Jacksonville storage facility to setup  an appointment and we’ll have your unit ready to access once you arrive.

Easy Onsite Storage

Portable Storage Units are often perfect for temporary on site storage needs.  There are many situations where keeping your belongings close at hand is the best way to go.

Downsizing or Renovating

Get the space you need while keeping your valuables near.  It’s the most convenient way to store while you’re going through a transition.

Disaster Recovery Storage

Floods and tropical storms can strike at the most unexpected times.  Let us be there to help you pick up the pieces.  We can expedite delivery and provide a safe, secure place to store while you rebuild again.

Self Storage when Moving

Moving is complicated enough without the hassle of trips to a storage unit to hold your stuff while in between homes.  Order a portable unit to make that transition smooth and painless.

De-cluttering or Staging

Getting ready to sell your Springfield home?  Or just need to clear some space?  Temporary storage is a perfect solution to provide a clean, organized environment to show your home and catch your breath.

Business Self Storage

Peak season at the Town Center can mean seasonal storage needs. Why not use a portable storage unit to take the burden off during the busy season or when your growth is faster than your space.  Or keep your valuable files and extra inventory on site without a full expansion.  It’s the easy solution.

How it works:

  1. Order your portable unit and have it delivered right to your home of business
  2. Take your time packing and storing all your things
  3. When you’re ready, call us.  We’ll pick it up and move it where you need to go.
  4. Or have us store it in our Secure Climate Controlled Warehouse


  • On site Storage
  • Take your time to pack
  • 24 hour easy access to your things
  • Neat and convenient
  • Easy deliver and pickup
  • Cheapest way to store
  • Space saving solution

Unit Sizes

Our units come in multiple sizes to meet your exact needs: 10’ x 8’, 15’ x 8’ or our largest unit 20’ x 8’. Convenient sizes to choose from.

Commercial Container Sizes

10 Ft. Storage Containers

Typical Uses: indoor warehousing, tool sheds, business onsite seasonal storage

Dimensions: 10′ long x 8′ wide x 8 1/2′ high

How much will it hold: Contents of a large bedroom

Available As: Standard Dry

20 Ft. Storage Containers

Typical Uses: job sites, retail stores, excess inventory

Dimensions: 20′ long x 8′ wide x 8 1/2′ high

How much will it hold: about the contents of a 2 car garage

Available As: Standard Dry / Refrigerated

40 Ft. Storage Containers

Typical Uses: shipping, construction sites, equipment storage, sports equipment storage.

Dimensions: 40′ long x 8′ wide x 8 1/2′ high

How much will it hold: about contents of a large 4 bedroom house

Available As: Standard Dry / Refrigerated

40 Ft. High Cube Storage Container

Dimensions: 40′ long x 8′ wide x 9 1/2′ high

Available as: Standard Dry / Refrigerated

While standard containers average about 8.5 feet tall while the high cube containers are 9.5 feet high with a much larger total storage capacity.


How much does portable storage cost?

Our pricing is straight forward and clear.  Cost is dependent on how long you keep the unit and your choice in where to storage it.  Please visit our Free Quote form to request a customized quote in your hometown.

How long can I use your service?  What if I only need it for a few weeks?

The beauty of our portable storage options is the flexibility you have for your storage needs.  Whether it’s a short term weekly rental or a longer term monthly storage need, we can service your request today.

How do I access my stuff?

If you choose to store on site, your unit is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you choose to use our Storage Center, simply give us 24 hours notice for an appointment to access your unit – as often as you need.  Remember, we can also deliver your unit to you whenever you need it on site.

I don’t want my things to be damaged.  Where will my unit will be stored?

Our Jacksonville Storage Facilities are secure and climate controlled for both temperature and humidity.  Coupled with our 24 hour surveillance, your items will be both safe and protected from damage and loss.

When should I place my order?

Request your free quote and place your order today.  Your unit can be onsite and available from 24 to 72 hours.

Do I need to be there when the unit is delivered?

Yes, someone over the age of 18 needs to be where the unit is to be placed.  When the unit is delivered, your driver will go over all the paperwork and show you how to properly use the unit.